Buying Guide

Shopping for dining room furniture can be fun or exhausting. In any case, the best way to start is by thinking about your style, colors, room size, and budget. 

Style is not only your taste in aesthetics, but also your lifestyle. Think about the use and intended function of the room. Will the dining room be for intimate home use, chic entertainment or both? 

Colors play an important role in the design and feel of your dining room. Depending on your taste and style, colors schemes should be kept harmonious and complimentary to one another. 

Room size and dimensions are critical! Always measure the room's dimensions and never just eyeball it. Also measuring doorways and hallways is important. Being able to fit your new furniture through is major. And be sure to closely look at the furniture measurements before purchasing. Splendid Home Style provides measurements on all our products. 

Budgets are not only practical but also essential. Setting a price limit creates an organized plan and is a great way to narrow down your options. If the budget doesn't allow purchasing all your dream items at once, remember that you can always create a new budget and buy more later.